Concord Pond

Pine Tree Lane
Fire Lane 1017
Woodstock, Maine 04219

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      This cottage is a unique off the grid experience few people get to experience. It has only gas appliances. (stove, oven, refrigerator and lights) There is no telephone but there is good cell phone service. The Lake Cottage is a vintage Maine summer camp situated only feet from the shore of remote Concord Pond. This is a tranquil pond of 135 acres that is fed by brooks from the surrounding mountains. This Bethel Maine vacation rental is located about a 1/2-hour drive from Bethel, ME and Sunday River. Relax in this remote wilderness and enjoy the fishing, watch the moose and listen to the call of the loons. There is a shallow sandy beach that gradually increases in depth making it ideal for young children. There is a raft and a canoe. Located in the middle of the pond is an island with beautiful ledge outcroppings that are excellent for swimming and diving. This is a perfect place for a picnic; pick some wild blueberries or just bask in the sun. This is a perfect Sunday River vacation rental for those seeking a peaceful waterfront vacation.

      Just a few feet behind the cottage is a babbling mountain brook. In the spring and fall, or after a heavy rain, it will lull you to sleep while relaxing in the nearby hammock. The cottage faces south and enjoys the benefit of full sun throughout the day. Cooling breezes blow almost every day, which make this pond perfect for small sailboats or for wind surfing. Surrounding towering pines or the large screened porch at waters edge is a great place to retreat from the hot summer sun. In the evening, sit around the wonderful campfire that is right on the shore and listen to the loons or watch mother duck and her ducklings paddle by. Some nights you even may wake to a slapping of the water and see a moose just out front, enjoying a meal of lily pads.


The views to the south are superb and include Bald Mountain and Spruce Mountain. The sun sets down the pond and beautiful sunsets are always a treat. If a thundershower decides to make its way through, there is often a perfect rainbow to behold. My favorite time is canoeing in the evening, when the pond is still and the campfires burn, watching the shooting stars. There are some great hikes in the immediate area and even a very local mine where you can try your luck at rock hounding. There are books at the cottage that will tempt you with the treasures of jewels that lie in the surrounding hills.

The cottage is truly a place
to leave the world behind. If you must, or for emergencies there is cell phone service.

     The Lake Cottage is a unique experience for those in search of tranquility. There is no electricity, however there is a gas refrigerator, a gas stove with oven, a gas grill, gas heater, gaslights and a wood stove. We suggest you have a cell phone to dial 911 in case of an emergency. There is at present only cold running water but the bath has a sink and flush toilet. The bath also has a shower stall. Water can be heated on the stove or in the sun to enjoy a "camp" shower for those that are not water logged from swimming all day. There is also the typical Maine outhouse or back house, which we would prefer you use except at night as the septic system is primitive and not designed for a lot of use.

      The living area is native pine paneled and has large sliding windows with screens that overlook the lake and mountains. Looking out it's hard to tell if there is anything at all between you and the waters-edge. The front screened porch is where you are sure to spend most of your indoor hours.

     The kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, pots, pans and utensils and is suitable for preparing complete meals. For dining you have your choice of the dinette table, the porch table or the picnic tables outside.

     The master bedroom is just off the living area and has an antique dresser and queen size bed. There is also a small room with a dresser and bunk beds at the back of the cottage. Upstairs there is a large loft with dresser and three twin beds. There is a cot on the porch ideal for afternoon naps!

     The Lake Cottage is available weekly in the summer and by the week or weekend spring and fall.. You will need to bring linen for the beds and towels etc. for the bath or swimming.  Blankets and pillows are provided or you may choose to bring a sleeping bag.

     This properties maximum accommodation is for 7 people, 2 of which must be children in the bunk beds..

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